Hip, Buttock And Leg Pain

Treatment For Hip, Buttock And Leg Pain

The hip and surrounding areas are common areas for experiencing pain and discomfort. Pain can be chronic, lasting for a long period of time, or can come on suddenly and be more intense. Whatever the cause of your pain, our practitioners in Leeds and Manchester are here to help diagnose and treat your injury, getting you back to full health as soon as possible.

What is Hip, Buttock And Leg Pain?

Hip, buttock and leg pain refers to any pain that is experienced around the side of the pelvis, the buttock and the upper leg. Hip pain, buttock pain and leg pain can occur independently, or concurrently.

Common Causes

Two common causes of hip, buttock and leg pain are:-

Sacroiliac joint pain – This joint is at the base of the spine where the sacrum meets the pelvis. Tightness in the ligaments and muscles surrounding this joint can make it susceptible to injury, particularly in those who spend long periods of time sitting.

Piriformis syndrome – This small muscle, located in the middle of the buttock, is used for running and walking. At times, it can suffer from overuse, causing the muscle and the surrounding tendons to tighten, causing pain.

What Are The Other Causes?

Other common causes include:

Muscle strain
Hamstring strain
Sports injury
Meralgia parasthetica
Wear and tear
Joint pain

The pain that runs into the leg can often be confused with sciatica but is often a result of the pain radiating from its original location.

Treating Hip, Buttock And Leg Pain

Treating hip, buttock and leg pain will depend on your particular symptoms. A full assessment will always be carried out before we start treatment. During your assessment you’ll be asked about your medical history and the details of your current injury.

Hip, buttock and leg pain relief can be achieved with a range of manual therapies including osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage. Our practitioners will use hands-on methods including joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, soft tissue stretching and deep tissue release to treat your pain. They may also provide advice on posture, lifestyle, workstation set-up and exercise to help prevent further or recurring injury.

If the problem is severe, our practitioners may refer you to a consultant for further investigation.

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