Hair removal techniques compared

There are a wide variety of tried and tested techniques out there for removing unwanted hair. All vary in terms of cost, pain, ease and how long the results last. Here is a brief description of some of the main different types of hair removal techniques:


Tweezing – Reasonably long-lasting results and inexpensive but very time consuming as hairs are removed individually. Painful and inflammation can occur. Can only be used on small areas. Results can last up to 6 weeks.


Shaving – By far the most common, shaving is relatively cheap and pain-free, though irritation can occur. Results only last a few days, and visible stubble begins to show not long after.


Laser hair removal – Hair follicles are destroyed, using a single light wavelength, which prevents regrowth. Can be used on most areas of the face and body, as well as sensitive skin. Relieves in growing hairs and is pain-free with no visible hair roots or stubble. Laser hair removal is the most permanent reduction of hair growth available.


Depilatories – Easy to use but can cause skin irritation or chemical burns if left on too long. Results last up to a week.


Epilators – Easy to use and hairs grow back less coarse. It is painful though and ingrowing hairs are a problem. Results last up to 4 weeks.


Waxing – High costs over a life time and it’s painful and messy. It can’t be used on sensitive skin and stubble re-growth can be a problem. Results can last up to 4 weeks.


Electrolysis – Very time consuming as each hair is removed individually. Not ideal for large areas. Results can be long lasting but inflammation can occur and hairs may grow back.  


IPL – Hair follicles are destroyed, using different light wave lengths, preventing regrowth. Can be used on underarms and bikini line. No visible hair roots or stubble. Hair growth is reduced although more treatments may be required than laser hair removal as the different wavelengths take longer to target every hair follicle. Laser head is small and can prove to be time consuming when treating a large area. It is not a pain free experience (elastic band snapping feeling)


If you are looking for permanent, pain-free hair removal that is quick and effective, laser hair removal at Freedom may be the ideal solution. For more information, or to book a FREE laser hair removal consultation + patch test in Leeds city centre, call 0113 380 0990 or book online now.