Orthotics insoles, leaving a footprint on your health.

What are foot orthotics?   Foot orthotics are insoles which fit into the base of a shoe to help reduce compensation, strain and improve function in the foot, ankle and leg. Research has shown that orthotics reduce pain (1), as well as increase foot muscle strength (2).  How long orthotics may be required will depend on […]

NEW TREATMENT: Introduction to Scar Therapy!

What is Scar Therapy? Scar therapy is a common non-invasive treatment method developed to stimulate the body and help remodel scar tissue that has developed after an injury or trauma to the skin. Scar therapy can be used after surgery, fracture, or burn to generate changes in the appearance, sensation, and movement of the scar […]

3 things to add to your diet to relieve muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions or spasms in one or more muscles. It is a very common muscular problem. Although usually harmless, muscle cramps can temporarily make it impossible to use the affected muscle. Nutrient deficiency cramps originate because there is an electrolyte imbalance that may be due to excessive loss of electrolytes, for […]

Ultimate Home Hip Strengthening Workout

Strengthening the hips are highly beneficial when experiencing any type of hip pain or weakness as result of injury, chronic conditions, or surgery. Many studies have found that increasing muscle strength surrounding the hips not only minimises the intensity of pain but improves functional capabilities in patients such as, range of movement at the joint, […]

Tennis Elbow and Its Physiotherapy Management

What is a tennis elbow? Tennis elbow, also called as “lateral epicondylitis” is common condition caused by repetitive use of the muscles of the forearm. It is an overuse injury that is primarily the result of overuse injuries brought on by the repetitive motions which involves heavy gripping or the wrist extension. As the name […]

How to treat painful Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of the foot that typically results from repetitive activities that put strain on the plantar fascia of the foot. In simpler terms, plantar fascia is the inflammation/swelling of the plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is the thick band of connective tissue that runs from the heel bone to the toes on […]

Chiropractic care for office workers in Manchester

Freedom Care Clinics in Manchester and Leeds are located in the heart of the business district. We see many patients suffering from particular symptoms, mostly caused by stress, work related postural tension and lack of physical activity. Many minor symptoms (muscle tension, ache, pulling feeling) are the tip of the iceberg and there may be […]

What is fascia?

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up. It is important because consequently flexible structures able […]

Three Top Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Stiffness

Hattie Beardon, Freedom Care Clinics Leeds Yoga & Pilates instructor, shares some top tips and simple yet effective exercises to help with lower back stiffness. For a video demonstration of the exercises see link. Back pain is something most, if not all of us will experience in our lifetime. It can range from a dull […]

The benefits of Sports Massage for athletes

As a sports person you always want to be able to perform at your best during training and in competition. Making sure you can achieve your physical goals. You do not want injury or muscle fatigue to stop this. So, the question is will having a sports massage help me perform better and reduce the […]

Frequently asked questions after your first appointment at Freedom Care Clinics

How will I feel after my appointment, are there any common side effects? Most people feel some improvement in their symptoms within a few days of their appointment. You may feel some soreness, tenderness, or even minor bruising for 24 – 48 hours post treatment. If you do feel soreness, we suggest using a cold […]