Skin Aging

Our skin is constantly aging due to sun exposure, smoking, diet, lifestyle, stress and hormonal changes. The effects of these external & internal aggressions cause:

Loss of elasticity

Due to loss and degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres which causes the skin to lose volume and appear loose and flaccid, especially around jaw, jowls, cheeks and eyes.


This will start to develop and become visible after  years of sun exposure or hormonal changes, which appears as darker patches on the surface of the skin.

Loss of natural moisture

Hyaluronic  Acid (which holds the skins natural water) this keeps the skin plump. The loss of hyaluronic acid also aids fine lines and wrinkles.

Free Radicals

These are constantly attacking and killing our healthy cells due to pollution and diet. Anti oxidants protect our cells and repair the damage made by these free radicals.

Texture, fine lines and wrinkles

Again due to the slowing down of natural collagen and elastin production. The skin becomes duller due to slow cell turnover. Pore size also become more enlarged.

Booking a free skin consultation at  Freedom with one of our highly qualified Aesthetic therapists, you will be able to discuss the extent and effects these aggressions have had on your skin and advise which of our excellent treatment and products we have available in our clinics to slow down or diminish these signs.

Some of the treatments we have available are-

Genuine Dermaroller

This remoulds the skin by creating microscopic channels in the skin that increase the formation of new tissue. Fibroblasts which produce collagen, stimulate more collagen production, an average of 200%. By doing this the skin become tighter, firmer, wrinkles are reduced, pore size refined, pigmentation reduced or removed and general texture of the skin is hugely  improved.

Dermac Ceutic Skin Peels

These peels include glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mandelic acid. These all aid deep exfoliation, collagen production for fine lines, refining skins texture and colour, reducing redness and pigmentation and general skin smoothness and luminosity.

Dr Murad Facials

These are a range of facials which a tailored to your individual skin concern containing glycolic for deep exfoliation and vitamin c to fight free radicals and pigmentation.

If you would like more information on any of our treatments please contact us for a free skin consultation.