How to increase testosterone through exercise.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone , produced by the gonads.Testosterone plays an important role in the body, It regulates sex drives , helps to improve muscle mass and bone density, fat distribution , hair growth and strength. It has androgenic effects meaning that helps the developing of male characteristics, maturation of the sex organs and usually in puberty , deepening of the voice.

Testosterone also play a pivotal role in female physiology. Many of the effects of testosterone in female’s are the same as males. However, females naturally have significantly lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.

As we grow older the testosterone levels decrease affecting our physical and mental health.There are many natural ways to boost our testosterone levels with exercising being one of the most important. 

How exercising does that?

High intensity and heavy resistance exercise form a hormonal adaptation increasing the concentration of testosterone in men. In women and teenagers findings are equivocal with both increases and no changes after resistance workout. Our body stimulates the production of (T) to improve protein synthesis, build muscle and inhibit protein degradation. 

It is also important to use long rest periods during workout to maximize your performance by allowing your body to regain it’s strength before continuing. Additionally i would highly recommend to use the following tips:

  1. Do a proper warm up
  2. Lift heavy 
  3. Practice forced reps
  4. Do a full body workout often
  5. Sprint
  6. Have a healthy sleep cycle

Testosterone can help with maintenance of physical and mental health. By exercising on a regular basis we can boost our well-being and happiness. So let’s kick-start our day with some workout and naturally balance our hormones.

Author: Andreas Ouogko – Chartered Physiotherapist