Free Body MOT at Freedom Clinics

Endeavour to Persevere – New Year New You

Why should we wait for inevitability of change? This will often leave us with unprepared, without control, short of time and negatively affected. Take a positive step by saying what would I be and then do what you have to do to achieve it.

There are many certain pathways, components and variables to fitness all with their own unique benefits and outcomes. Prior to pursuing any kind of exercise programme it’s very important to ascertain your current ability to take part in any of them.  Freedom Clinics free body MOT is designed to assist in those first crucial steps to become fit for Life. Our Qualified practitioners will conduct a series of test, analyse the results then discuss the best course of action to take.

Whenever and wherever your challenges may be remember the rule of the four Cs:

  1. Courage= To step up to the mark and say I can and I will
  2. Control= In your body’s ability
  3. Commitment= From start to finish
  4. Confidence= To surpass your expectations


Mathew Hirst dip PT, CSMT, FTA.

Sports Massage & Injury Therapist
Fitness Professional