Looking & feeling your best for the summer holidays

So you have got your time off from work arranged and the summer holiday is booked! All you need to do now is get yourself looking and feeling great as you count down the days before you jump on the plane to paradise. Here are a few tips that should help both men and women prepare themselves for their summer break.

Shedding a few pounds

If you are carrying a few extra pounds then your first step will usually be trying to shift them so that you can squeeze into your new bikini or shorts. Just 20 minutes exercise a day combined with a few changes to your diet can see the weight steadily drop off in the weeks prior to your holiday. If you are struggling to make time to focus on exercising then look to make small changes to your everyday behaviour. This could involve cycling work, talking a brisk walk at lunch or using the stairs instead of the lift.

Dealing with stretch marks

Whilst you never going to get rid of stretch marks completely, unless you opt for laser therapy or cosmetic surgery, there are products out there that can help reduce appearance and prevent new ones from developing. Look for a cream that includes peptide complexes to encourage production of elastic and collagen and plant oils to maintain elasticity and repair stretched areas.

Pampering your feet

There is no point spending your money on some fabulous open footwear, only to ruin the look with chapped skin and rough heels. Spend 10 minutes in the shower or bath with a quality foot scrub and pumice stone. Don’t forget to clip your toenails and give them a pedicure.

Prepare the hair

Booking in for a holiday haircut is a must, whether you are male or female. However, rather than arranging an appointment a day or two before you travel, you should aim for one about a week before. This will give your new cut chance to grow in and you will also have enough time to correct any mistakes should there be a problem.

Of course, your head isn’t the only place where hair grows and you may want to remove some from your arms, back, bikini areas, legs, shoulders, abdomen and other areas of the body. For the best results you should consider laser hair removal, which destroys the hair follicles rather than just removing the hair.

Getting relaxed

As the time of departure draws near you should look to try and ease off a little bit at work (not always easy) and get yourself in the holiday spirit. A great way to relax can be to book a back and shoulder massage a day or two prior to your jaunt.

The finishing touches

Time to add those finishing touches! No-one wants to be the whitest on the beach or around the pool, so apply some fake tanning lotion the night before you travel. Make sure that you use one with a combined moisturiser to prepare your skin for the sun. Last but not least it is time for the ladies to do their nails. It is always a good idea to leave this as late as you can to reduce the likelihood of them getting chipped.