Improve your posture with Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC)

Improve your posture with Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC)

Freedom Clinics are proud to welcome their newest Chiropractor to the team, Sarah Macintyre. Based in our Moorgate clinic, Sarah is currently the only advanced practitioner in London qualified to practice Advanced Bio-structural Correction technique, a revolutionary new technique centred around the adjustment and postural alignment of the body.

What is Advanced Bio-structural Correction?

ABC focusses on re-affirming the body’s natural alignment. A typical example of the benefits can be viewed in the images below.

One of the first things to note when having ABC treatment, is that when your Chiropractor does an Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC) adjustment, your body should stay upright all by itself without significant muscular effort as you see in the before and after pictures.

The comparisons between the two pictures are a typical example of the benefits from receiving ABC treatment. This patient really is letting his body relax and slump in the ‘After’ picture as much as in the ‘Before’ picture but with true structural correction his posture remains upright, aligned and strengthened.

Why ABC?

ABC performs a primary function in the treatment and reduction of pain relief along with dramatically increasing the individual’s posture and alignment, thus improving their overall appearance.

Poor posture causes a multitude of problems and looks terrible. People generally aren’t aware of just how bad their posture is unless someone points it out to them or when they see themselves in a picture. ABC is a form of treatment specifically focusing on postural correction to relieve any back or joint pain experienced anywhere in the body.

How does it work??

ABC treatments focus on treating the whole body.

Results in many cases can be seen from the first treatment, with patients stating that they feel they are standing straighter, notice their chests rise up and that they are able to breathe easier.

“ABC offers so much more than just pain relief. You can change people’s posture starting with visit one, correct old injuries that they thought would never go away and have them doing things they have not been able to do for years, i.e. touching their toes for the first time in years!”

Sarah McIntyre – Chiropractor: Freedom Clinics

For more information on how ABC treatment could help you, or to book a free assessment with Sarah Macintyre, please call the Moorgate clinic now on 0203 326 1551 or email