Acupuncture can promote emotional well-being

Eastern medicine has long recognised the connection between our emotions and our physical health and continues to use the emotional condition of a patient as a factor in their diagnosis and treatment.

Listed below are the 5 emotions.  Do you identify with any of the emotions as listed below?  If you do, then acupuncture may help to re-balance and revitalise your energies…

1. Anger
In this context, anger isn’t the explosive burst of rage you feel during a road rage episode, but rather constant dissatisfaction, resentment and frustration that tightens the muscles and makes you fundamentally unhappy.  When anger energy does not move, it becomes stuck resulting in stagnation.

2. Joy
Appropriate joy and happiness are beneficial to health.  Some people however are ‘over the top’ – laughing at everything with no real control.  This type of ‘inappropriate’ joy is considered damaging to the Heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can burn out your energy leading to flatness and depression.

3. Worry and ruminating thoughts
When thoughts become obsessive and never go anywhere (ruminating) they can accumulate into a pathological condition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Worry is tinged more with fear than just ruminating thoughts.  Excess worry and anxiety will eventually paralyze your energies obstructing new movement and growth.

4. Grief
Appropriate grief is healthy; however, when grieving extends for years without resolution or when everything seems to represent a source of loss, the affected organs (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) are the Lungs and Large Intestine, usually with a dryness that leads to a general weakness of Qi.

5. Fear
Fear can paralyse you deeply imparting a sense that nothing is safe.  This does not have to be a fear of anything specific, just an overwhelming sense of fear and panic.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this affects the Kidney and Bladder energies resulting in fatigue and low reserves.

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