A fresh approach to Physiotherapy treatment in Leeds

In our Leeds clinic we have recently started offering Physiotherapy with a difference.  Our new team member, Physiotherapist Matthew Allen, uses a new approach to the treatment of pain and improvement of posture.  DNS, or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, is an approach developed in the Czech Republic by Dr Pavel Kolar.  Dr Kolar is known for treating many high profile sports stars such as Roger Federer as well as presidents and Royal Families across Europe.

DNS is an approach to restoring normal function to the way your body is aligned and moves.  When most people think of posture they imagine being told to stand up straight but DNS works by making good posture natural in the way that a healthy young child automatically stands with perfect posture.

DNS is helpful for many people, including those with back and neck problems, but also those who want to improve their performance at sport.  Some spend thousands ensuring their teeth are straight but pay little or no attention to how their bodies are aligned.  Although many people coming for treatment start with the goal of resolving pain it is common for people to walk out feeling taller!

Very few physiotherapy practitioners are trained in DNS and there are even fewer in the North of England so take advantage of this revolutionary treatment approach.

If you want more information or wish to book an appointment call the Leeds clinic on 0113 887 6226.