5 Tip Top Ideas When Working From Home.


  1. Stand 80% of the time: Studies have shown that more active work- stations such as standing desks boost productivity and health. Click HERE for a video on how to create your own standing desk at home:



  1. Use a wireless keyboard and mouse with your laptop: If sitting to work use a table instead of the sofa. Position your laptop screen at eye level, position your keyboard just below elbow level. Use a wrist support if available. These measures may help to reduce repetitive strain injury.


  1. Snack on fruit, nuts and seeds: Fruit gives a quick sugar hit if required (also provides important vitamins). Nuts and seeds provide energy over a longer period and lots of protein. Fruit and nut chocolate doesn’t count.



  1. Do a three-minute high intensity workout, three times per day: This could include squats, press ups, burpees, star jumps, dips on a chair. Regular exercise improves mood, concentration and cardiovascular health.



  1. Set a start + finish time and stick to it: Routine helps to combat stress and anxiety. And nobody is impressed with late e-mails.