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Sports Massage

Whether you are injured or in good health, your body can always benefit from sports massage. Our skilled specialists in Leeds and Manchester use the very latest diagnostic techniques and equipment to provide the best possible treatment for you.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a specialist type of deep tissue massage developed to help maintain and heal soft tissue in the body. During a sports massage, your therapist will work on soft tissue (skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia), particularly focussing on problem areas or those associated with them. This can help to correct imbalances in the body and aid future performance.

Despite the name, sports massage is not just for athletes; it can benefit everyone from the average keep-fitter to the marathon runner.

How it works

The treatment works by relieving muscle tension and pain, increasing flexibility and mobility, and therefore helping to both treat and prevent injury. If you are already suffering from acute or chronic injury, the treatment will help by facilitating the rebuilding stage of conditioning.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

There are a number of physiological benefits to sports massage, including improved blood circulation, lymph drainage, muscle relaxation, stress relief and general relaxation.

Specifically for athletes, research has shown that as well as treating and preventing injuries, regular sports massage can actually help boost sporting performance and reduce recovery times after events.

What to expect from a sports massage treatment?

What to expect from a sports massage depends on what type of massage you are having. There are several different treatments from injury massages to post-event massages.

  1. Pre-event – a brisk massage to prepare the muscles and soft tissue for your event. Generally carried out from two days, up until a few hours before the event.
  2. Post-event – a slow and gentle massage to ease fatigued muscles and prevent soreness after your sporting event.
  3. Maintenance – combining deep tissue massage, trigger points, joint mobilisation, and stretching and strengthening exercises, this helps prevent tightness in the muscles which can lead to injury. Maintenance massages are regular treatments that are integrated into your training programme.
  4. Injury treatment – as part of a course of physiotherapy or osteopathy, your practitioner may suggest an injury massage. This treatment will focus on specific areas, helping to overcome tightness and speed up recovery. This type of treatment isn’t only for sporting injuries like rugby or football injuries, but can be used to treat problems caused by lifestyle too.

Sports massage can be used to:

  • Treat sports injuries
  • Relieve Muscle stiffness
  • Prevent injuries
  • Help you train better
  • Relieve stress

Talk to your massage therapist if you would like a specific treatment, for example a football injury massage, or rugby injury massage.

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