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Fertility Acupuncture Treatment

Difficulty getting pregnant can be put down to a number of factors such as stress, irregular hormone levels and disrupted menstrual cycles. Acupuncture helps by identifying and correcting underlying health problems that could be contributing to difficulty conceiving.

Our experienced acupuncture practitioners in Leeds and Manchester treat each patient as an individual, assessing their needs and supporting their personal journey.

What is fertility acupuncture treatment?

Fertility acupuncture involves the use of ultra-thin, sterile needles, inserted into specific acupuncture points (channels or meridians) in order to regulate the way the body functions. It has been used to boost fertility in china for thousands of years and can help women who are trying to conceive, or undergoing assisted conception (IVF).

How does fertility acupuncture treatment work?

Research has shown that fertility acupuncture treatment works in a variety of ways to support your body’s natural rhythms:

  1. Increasing blood flow to the uterus, thus thickening the uterine lining, and improving chances of ovum implantation.
  2. Reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which decrease fertility.
  3. Normalising systems that regulate ovulation – particularly in PCOS sufferers.
  4. Improving ovarian function to produce higher quality eggs.
  5. Regulating hormones to produce more follicles.
  6. Regulating the menstrual cycle.
  7. Decreasing the chances of miscarriage.
  8. In men, increasing sperm quality (volume, count, motility, morphology).

What to expect from fertility acupuncture treatment

On your first visit, your practitioner will take a medical history and assess your personal needs. They will then suggest a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

The treatment itself is not painful. You may experience a dull tingling beneath the insertion site, but many patients come to find this sensation quite pleasant, and once you have become familiar with it, the treatment is both relaxing and enjoyable.

When can I start fertility acupuncture treatment?

As a process-oriented method of medical intervention, you can not over-treat with acupuncture. The average course of treatment lasts for three to four months before a patient progresses to insemination, IVF or donor-egg transfer.

We are currently offering FREE fertility acupuncture consultations worth £80. Give us a call if you’d like to book an appointment.

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