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Back Care Questions – Chiropractic and Osteopathic

How many treatments do I need?

In most cases, a course of treatment is required, rather than just one or two visits. Everybody heals at different rates, and every complaint is unique, but as a rule, in the initial stage of your treatment (first 2-4 weeks) you will need regular treatments. As you begin to see results, you can come less frequently. Once you feel better, it is recommended that you come back occasionally for tune-ups in order to maintain progress. Just remember that healing is a process and can take some time.

I’m no longer in pain, why do I need to continue coming?

Pain may be the most apparent symptom of a problem, but being pain free is not always a good indicator that a problem is gone. Because we work with the root of your condition (not just treating the pain), we’ll continue to treat underlying issues after your pain has died down. This ensures that the treatment is effective long-term and that your body has had the chance to change old habits and patterns.

What about the cost of treatment?

We try to make treatments as accessible as possible. We offer a variety of payment options to make courses of treatment more affordable, just ask at reception for more information.

What if you can’t help me?

We take the health and wellbeing of our patients very seriously and if we don’t think our treatment is the right thing for you, we’ll refer you back to your GP with a letter of recommendation for ongoing care.

Are X-rays necessary?

In order to tailor your treatment, x-rays may be necessary; this will help us get a full picture of the alignment of your spine. If there are no indicators discovered during your consultation however, it will not be needed.


Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specialist type of deep tissue massage developed to help maintain and heal soft tissue in the body. It can be used as part of a training plan to lessen the effects of fatigue, and to guard against or recover from injury. You do not need to be an athlete to have sports massage – it can benefit everyone.

Does it actually work?

There is a lot of evidence supporting the positive effects of sports massage. However, this will very much depend on the type and frequency of your massage. To get the best out of your massage, talk to your therapists about particular niggles or areas that are causing you problems.

How can it help my running?

There are a number of ways this treatment can help your running. Not only does it work to improve flexibility of tight muscles and correct any imbalances, it also improves circulation and enables muscles to use oxygen and nutrients more effectively. It is even thought to promote the rate of blood flow back from the heart, and improve lymphatic drainage.

Will I feel less sore after massage?

Research has shown that muscle soreness isn’t caused by lactic acid build-up, but by microscopic damage to muscle fibres; massage helps by breaking down fibrous tissue and adhesions. It is a good idea to wait a couple of days after an event or tough workout before getting a massage to allow the initial soreness and stiffness to subside.

Do I need massage as a recreational runner?

This is completely up to you. Even if you are not running 100-mile weeks, you will still benefit from the improvement to flexibility and circulation. You may also find that a Sports Massage Therapist can spot problems and imbalances in your body before they gain the potential to cause injury.

How often should I have Sports Massage?

Providing you are not suffering from any condition for which massage is contra-indicated, you can have as much massage as you wish. Many people find that a weekly massage during a training programme can help to relax the muscles and improve their sense of wellbeing, whilst some prefer a maintenance treatment every few weeks.

What should I wear to my appointment?

It’s all about feeling comfortable. For optimum results, your sports massage will need to have contact with your skin, particularly in problem areas. However, we do provide changing areas and robes, and our therapists are respectful of your wishes.



Does acupuncture hurt?

During your treatment you will feel a small pinch as the needle goes through the skin. You may then feel a heaviness or discomfort as the needle goes deeper into the tissue.

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can treat a range of imbalances in your body. These include chronic diseases, any kind of pain, emotional issues, hormone imbalances, colds and flu, male and female infertility and general wellness. For more information, visit the WHO website, where you can check results of research on acupuncture.

How does it work?

First of all, you’ll have a full assessment and diagnosis which includes the root cause of your symptoms. The acupuncture will then work to correct any imbalances in the body in order to relieve the symptoms. In order to effectively treat the problem, needles will be placed all over the body, not just in the area of the problem. For more information about how Acupuncture works, take a look at our info page on the treatment.

How soon will I feel the effects of acupuncture?

This will depend entirely on why you are visiting the acupuncturist and how long you have had the problem. Every patient responds differently to acupuncture treatment, but as a rule, the older a problem is, the longer it will take to respond. The beginning of each session will sum up the effects of the previous one.

Can I come for an acupuncture treatment if I am well?

Acupuncture can be used to maintain good health and prevent illness. If you are well, your therapist will treat you accordingly – helping to prevent future illness.

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After suffering with neck & shoulder problems, my husband and I had Freedom osteopathic treatment. After only a few sessions we noticed a marked improvement. We both have maintenance sessions once a month to keep symptoms at a minimum.


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