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Whiplash Treatment

If you’re suffering with a new or old whiplash injury, our osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors based in Leeds and Manchester are here to help. Our experienced practitioners will work with you to relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness, and minimise any long-term damage caused by your injury.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is the name for strain or sprain of the neck joints, muscles and ligaments. It is usually caused by a high speed collision (e.g. a road traffic accident), but can also be a result of more common trips and falls.
Generally speaking, the symptoms of whiplash won’t manifest until around 24 hours after the accident. At this time you may experience:

• Dizziness
• Neck pain
• Arm pain
• Jaw ache
• Shoulder pain
• Pins and needles in your arms
• Headaches

If you are suffering from these symptoms, our practitioners are here to help you back to full health.

How do we treat whiplash?

Whiplash treatment will depend on your individual symptoms and the type of treatment you opt for. In your initial appointment all of our practitioners will carry out a full assessment, including your medical history, and then suggest a bespoke treatment plan for you. All treatments focus on reducing pain and restoring full movement in your neck and back.
Osteopaths and chiropractors take a hands-on approach to whiplash treatment. They will focus on mobilising stiff joints using gentle manipulations, and often use massage to release tension in the ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Whiplash physiotherapy involves a range of stretching and strengthening exercises, which your practitioner will demonstrate and assist you with. They will also use soft tissue massage to release tension in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

All of our practitioners will also suggest strengthening and stretching exercises for you to do in your own time to accelerate your healing.

When should I book an appointment?

Our practitioners can treat both old and new whiplash injuries, just get in touch and we’ll book you in for an assessment. If you are suffering with a new injury, you may find it helpful to take regular painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to help ease your symptoms.


  • High speed trauma
  • Road traffic accident
  • Falling off a horse
  • Falling down stairs


  • Dizziness
  • Neck pain
  • Arm pain
  • Jaw ache
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pins and needles in the arm
  • Headaches


  • For the first 2-3 weeks, painkillers and anti inflammatory medications will help to ease symptoms
  • Conservative management, including chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy, employs exercises, mobilisation, manipulation and soft-tissue-work techniques to reduce symptoms.

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