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Manchester Massage Therapy Sports Injuries

Massage Therapy – Deep tissue, Sports injury or Relaxation.
Deep tissue massage is an excellent solution for common aches and pains related to tension and stress such as; lower back pain, tension headaches or stiff neck and shoulders. Deep tissue massage puts an emphasis on treating both deep and superficial muscles. It often includes treatment that is focussed to areas of increased tension, and can include acupressure points and trigger point techniques. This treatment differs from relaxing massage as the pressure required to reach deeper muscles can at times be less comfortable.

Sports injury treatment
Sports injury treatment is a combination of sports massage and manual therapy utilising the best of both. Sessions involve a thorough assessment followed by effective treatment. Sports massage may provide pain relief and may reduce recovery time after injury. Manual therapy techniques can help to mobilise your joints, lengthen muscles and enhance your current condition.

Clients may often use either single sports massage sessions in preparation for an event, or may choose to have regular sports massage to aid in training or to treat a stubborn injury. Sports injury treatment can lead to increased flexibility and mobility, which in turn can help prevent future injuries and maximise your performance.

In addition sports injury treatment can be used for pre-event and post-event sports massage.

Sports injury treatment with Freedom Clinics is suitable for both amateur and professional athletes

Relaxing Massage
Relaxing massage is a holistic treatment that aims to relax and rejuvenate the whole of the body. It may include heat from hot stones or the relaxing effects of specific oils to aid in this. This session are pure bliss; hot stones are actively used during massage allowing heat to penetrate the superficial layers and reach deep tissue, while the oils and massage techniques used may help to restore energy levels and significantly reduce stress.

This treatment last one hour and triggers a sense of deep relaxation.

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